Ok Mr. Lambert, You think that I am no ignorant. I think you...

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Ok Mr. Lambert,

You think that I am no ignorant.

I think you are a very dangerous one.

I deliberately and harshly attack your opinion in my previous post just to test your emotional intelligence and challenge the honesty of your proposition with Jean-Claude Duvalier.

Now that you have revealed them to us, let's be mutually fair to each other with less offensive words.

If Duvalier, Aristide, Manigat and other former Haitians presidents deserve the forgiveness of the Great Haitian People, why would they need a person like to promote for them?

Why don't they submit a petition to the Haitian Congress to grant them pardon?

Well, I have seen many Haitians in Haiti protesting and asking the return of their former elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

But, for the others, I doubt that Haiti is ready to receive them.

What have they offered before?

What do they have to offer today?

What are the evidences that they will abide by our Laws?

What evidences do you have that they have the interest of our Great Nation at Heart?

What do you see is wrong with the Haitians choosing their own President, like they have decided before when they elected Presidents Aristide and Préval (twice, at every opportunity)?

My concern is that you are frighten by the idea that the Great Haitian People can freely decide for themselves (like they have done in the past).

Therefore, they do not need anyone like you for advice.

May I say it again: it would be best that you give your advice where your a11egiance and your fide1ity are.

Are you Haitian?

Are you proud of Haiti?

Then, tell us something to show your pride then.

Haiti is moving forward with new fresh ideas.

We are rebuilding a NEW Haiti under the protection of God. We welcome anyone who respect our dignity as people, our sovereignty as a Great Nation and everyone who will abide by our Haitians Laws. Are you frighten by these conditions?

These conditions are the foundation of the politics of governance of our Nation.

You may feel offended by my previous message and that's good!

Because, if you honestly had the interest of Haiti at heart in your proposition, you would give serious consideration to the fact that the Haitian People remain the sole master of its destiny.

If not her, then God Himself - in Whom we trust.

See, it is easy to recognize those who prostitute themselves to sell our Nation (like the disgraceful Cuban exiles did in 1961).

First, in their language there is no love, no good sentiment for Haiti, no compassion for our suffering people.

Rather, they tear down Haitian dignity.

Then, they always come with some kind of audacious foreign solution that only demonstrate either their ignorance of the affairs of Haiti or that they are under the spell of foreign tyrants.

Finally, they always ignore the fact that the Great Haitian People is a VERY religious people who place her faith in God only. From faith comes courage.

From courage comes freedom; and from freedom, prosperity.

That's why, Haiti does not need you, or Duvalier, or Aristide, or Manigat or Bill Clinton or else. Keep your advice where your a11egiance and your fede1ity are.

That's not racism, discrimination or hatred.

It's a matter of national interest and security.

We have elected and therefore have President Rene Garcia Préval.

After, him, WE and only WE, THE PEOPLE, will decide!

Otherwise, history (the past) will repeat himself.

What happened then, will happen again.

We are an enduring people and have been tested by fire.

May God be with our President Rene G. Préval.

may GOd bless Haiti.

Benoit T. Battraville, March 7 2010, 5:31 PM

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