Jean Claude Duvalier next Psdt to Haiti? I don't think so

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Jean Claude Duvalier could go to Guadeloupe to be with his distant relatives there but not in Haiti
Some agents provocateurs on this blog are demanding the return of the Alibaba Jean Claude Duvalier.

Other agent provocateurs are demanding the reconstruction of Fort Dimanche in the island of La Gonave while the Marines will reorganize a new corp of macoutes and spies network and will teach them how to liquidate the Haitians patriots
Those butcher and criminals work for the same master.They sing the same song: "Master I don't care how much harm I will have to do to my people or I have done to my people for you provides that you keep me in that position.

[Question] What is the master obligation toward his butchers?

Make loans available for those countries that are under his grip. Allows the the butchers and their entourages to steal from those loans while the master is looting the country resources.

La Grande Puissance, March 7 2010, 5:51 PM

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