earthquakes follow NASA moon explosion

Pierre F. Lherisson - February 27 2010, 4:18 AM

It appears that we are experiencing a cascade of earthquakes ever since NASA bombed the moon on Oct 9th 2009 presumably in quest of water during the LCROSS mission.

A Centaur Atlas 5 rocket crashed into the moon South Pole in the Cabeus crater at a speed of 10,000 Km/h. This experiment cost NASA $79 million.

Details regarding the experiment are sketchy following by an aura of sub-rosa.

We had several earthquakes around the world after this experiment.

The latest with a magnitude of 8.8 at a depth of 55 Km occurred Feb 27th 2010 at 01:34 A.M EST in Chile, South America [Coordinates 36.1 South, 72.6 West] A Tidal wave warning is in effect for Chile and Peru. A tidal wave watch is in effect for Antarctica, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Ecuador and Panama.

I hope that NASA October experiment does not open a Pandora box for mankind.

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