Please do not make this blog forum a place to insult others...

Anonymous - November 21 2010, 11:47 AM

Please do not make this blog forum a place to insult others.

We will not promote the Haitians' cause forward but backward.

If you know something just share it with others, for we all love Haiti and we all are concerned with Haiti's problems than the destroyers of Haiti.

The internal as well as the external destroyers love to see us fighting.

Fighting for survival is good, but we are fighting for our own destruction.

All I know is this I know nothing, but I love to learn from others.

We can compete against each other with respect, love and compassion.

These elements are missing in our discourse and we became the worst people on earth to live with. Actually, the international community is reading our blog and they will take all of us as savages whether we are scholarly instructed or educated people.

You do not need to use insulting words to make your point accross and when you do that this shows that there is no difference between you and the person who insults you. Restate again and clarify what you just wrote before with no insult.

It is good to make mistakes because we are not born as perfect people and even though we were born perfect society corrupts us and change our pure human nature.

Don't use any rough style to show that you are better than anyone else. It is good to learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others.

Civilized countries advance and progress because they learn from their mistakes and some like America and the G19 countries repeat their mistakes to restructure their economic systems.

When you die my friend, you will bring nothing underneath of the earth or in your cremation place depending on your chosen burial mode. If you want to live longer and immortalize yourself just share your knowledge with others.

The more you share, the more you will learn and the more you will retain also.

Let me borrow this word from my courageous friend Tiba, you are praticing the politics of inclusion and exclusion at the same time. I want all of you to be happy with respect for one another.

The international community is dividing us more because we are giving them the opportunity to do so. We cannot have real leadership if we cannot promote self-respect and the respect for others.

We can compete against each other with knowledge and not through vociforous and insulting words.

We need to love and respect each other to promote the Haitian cause.

If I insult you with my current remarks I do apologize.

Your answer was not addressed to me, but I have decided on my own to settle this dispute between you and the other blogger who responded to your previous post. Make this blog a space for respectful people who can learn from each other ok and that is what it should be. Show to the world that we are not only scholarly instructed people but educated people as well. Instruction is learned from schools curriculum whereas education is learned through the parenting process.

Show me that you have received a solid education through your parents as your first educators in life...

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