Dear Preval... This is me Eva Joschabeath Labbe. I am actually...

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Dear Preval...

This is me Eva Joschabeath Labbe.

I am actually writing to you again today.

Because something catches my attention about your personality.

I want to talk about it. I don't know how come you, as a "LEADER" of a country are so powerless, so sloppy, so careless and indifferent.

I mean...

I thought you were innocent, sincere, humble.

It turns out you were instead a stupid brainless specimen.

But you hided it behind your cunning face.

I wrote to you once. It was in February 2009. I wrote a nice and honest poem to you that day. Because I felt you needed comfort.

You never sent back any confirmation.

But next thing I know you loved it so much, You published it all over the internet.

Somehow, I found this very disrespectful and manipulating.

You use my poem as a torch to light your ways in your darkness life. You loved it because it helped you going trough your chaotic and careless days. You are such a looser.

OMG! Seriously You make me think otherwise.

I now realize that the person I saw in TV, growing up in Haiti.

In 1994, when you were Prime Minister and I was a kid; just 13 years old. I admired you so much, I saw you as a good leader.

My perception of you at that time was so wrong.

You are instead totally FAKE and CARELESS.

I did not know you were so stupid and ignorant.

Actually I am so embarrass to write such a nice poem to such a looser.

Do you really think that I have time to waste in you?

"People, the poem I wrote to this brainless was just a poem that he misunderstood and thought it was a love letter.

And he published it as the greatest price he ever received.

To correct the record.

I DO NOT LOVE PREVAL." And this was not a love letter: Just a poem.


Let me give you an advice...

Don't try to manipulate people.

God doesn't take fun in it. If at least you were more responsible.

You would at least come to your "blog" one day and remove the poem. Because it was not meant to be published.

If you decide not to remove this poem from your blog. It's fine with me. Because when someone make a mistake, you need to pay for it. This was my mistake.

Thinking about you as you were a good and smart person.

But I indeed learn the hard way. You are the total opposite of what I thought about you. Oh well!!! LIVE AND LEARN...

Eva Joschabeath Labbe, February 22 2010, 7:00 PM

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