Mister president! cap haitian is in danger.

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Good day mister president
To day, I feel so happy to find the oportunity to send you my comments.

My name is Andso Princima.

Borned in limonade, cap haitian.Now I am studing medicin in UTESA SAntiago de los caballeros, Dominican Republic.

Mister president!you said now you are going to work for cap haitian but till now nothig has done. I don´t know what happen.

I know it is not problem of money, because we have been spent eigty millions goudes for the three days carnival.

Really I feel so bad for this and sixteen millions haitian dollars could make a lot of thing for that city.
But please try to do something for our second city because it is in danger.And try to change his face.

Andso Princima, March 13 2007, 10:35 AM

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