President Preval is last Haitians' Hope.

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I know that you are the last hope to change Haiti's face before the whole world.

I expect just that. The very least other thing I would suggest you is to ammend the constitution for: 1) Haitians outside the country to participate in all political matters as well as the other ones in place.

2) Modify the language about so-called "Departmental Délégué" and replace it by the word "Gouverneur" which will be an elected official.

3) De decentraliser la capitale completement.

Continue your good work, excellence.



Salomon, April 19 2007, 1:23 PM

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I happen to not agree with brother Salamon. I belive that our hope lies within ourselves. For us Haitian people to... read more >
Jamil J., 19-Apr-07 9:45 pm
Hi Brother J. I cannot agree more with you on that; however, he's the man in power right now, we have to recognize... read more >
Salomon, 20-Apr-07 11:10 am


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