Deux solutions de plus pour aider Haiti

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Dear Rene:

In the hope that you really check this blog,
Since your first presidency, I have been studying two matters that I feel will definitely contribute to the development of Haiti and improve the lives of our people.

First is wind energy.

Haiti has had a continual energy crisis and I remember the black outs when I visited P-A-P as well as the completely dark nights in Marmelade sitting on "Mabel"'s porch.

Wind energy is the way of the future for Haiti.

Sweden and Norway are leaders in wind energy and in my opinion you may want to explore this further.

A wind turbine cost approximately $100,000, not much money for a solution.

Haiti is mountainous, thus we have vast wind capacity and the proximity of the Windward Passage make for the ideal conditions.

The second solution is the agriculture, which I know is dear to your heart.

Do you remember the Kolkoves?

I know we have "kombites" but they are not developed on a national scale.

You have to get the people to work the land again Rene. By following the system of the Kolkoves, which guarantee to the people that their products will be bought and resold(or exported) by the government, encouraging the people to return to work the land. Haiti's land can grow any and every type of crop, you just have to get the people to return to it as well as introduce new type of crops to the people (soya for example, is a good start).

I need the opportunity to present these studies to you or you can have them explored yourself.

Jude Anselme, April 20 2007, 11:33 AM

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