Haiti's Destroyers...

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Mews, Brandt, Madsen, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Biggio and Accra are the ones that are destroying Haiti.

All Haitians should rise up and stop those crooks destroying our country.

They are destroying the Haitian's economy by importing goods in Haiti.

They are the that destroyed our rice production in Haiti.

The Zulus of Desdunes are taking notes and they will be deeply sorry...

The Black Knight, February 14 2010, 12:50 AM

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Na pral manyen bouda vole yo bay pou Mews, Brandt, Madsen, Saliba, Castera, Brown, Biggio e Accra tre byento. Wap... read more >
Asalib Tibaba, 14-Feb-10 12:53 am
Si papa mwen se vole tout Ayisyen se vole tou... map manyen bouda ou tou. read more >
P. Mews, 14-Feb-10 12:54 am
Il ne faut pas perdre ton temps a repondre tous ces chiens la. Ils sont tous les memes sans exception. La honte est... read more >
C. S. Saliba, 14-Feb-10 12:57 am
Ils sont payes dans la Diaspora pour repandre des mensonges contre nous. Ils sont tous jaloux de nous mais ils sont... read more >
L. Brandt, 14-Feb-10 1:00 am
Ungrateful, if we did not exist in Haiti your fellow brothers would die already. How many jobs did you create in... read more >
A. L. Brown, 14-Feb-10 1:03 am
First of all, you dumb ass. The US troops are occupying Haiti, as they've done in 1915-1934 under martial law where 30... read more >
Nadege, 14-Feb-10 1:55 am
You idiots are NOTHING elsewhere, only in Haiti. And the funny thing the US is using you idiots to terrorize the mass... read more >
Nadege, 14-Feb-10 2:00 am
Duvalier is to blame. Roger Lafontant is to blame. Ti Boule is to blame. Figaro is to blame, Ragala is to blame and... read more >
Avenger, 14-Feb-10 11:20 am
P. Mews, C.S. Saliba, L. Brandt, A.L. Brown, you are the same person posting the same stupid message under different... read more >
Zac, 14-Feb-10 12:55 pm


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