Dessalines The Avenger, Is it possible you are Emmanuel...

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Dessalines The Avenger,

Is it possible you are Emmanuel Constant?

Anyway, you make me laugh reading the last paragraphs of your message.

Sir Dessalines, you have proven how much most of us Haitians are lack of politics understanding.

You responded to my message as if I called to drag Preval out of office by force through violence and chaos.

Your incersion is that unless we use violence there is no other way to get rid of a legally eleceted government.

Frankly sir, I do not give a snap if Preval was legally/constitutionally elected president or not. I don't give a rat *ss if there is just one year left of his term in office.

One year is a very longtime to wait. In case you didn't know this, one year, in politics, is a lifetime.

All I am saying is that the Haitian people should/must demand Preval to resign and if they have to take the streets to reach that goal, so be it! The entire government needs to go, from the bottom up or from top to the bottom.

I don't care how it's done.

Let me repeat it once again in case you missed it. People/citizens around the world use this strategy to get rid of corrumpt/incompetent, mediocre/dictator governments all the time. This is not a new phenomenon and this is not a Haitian thing.

Among many countries that have used it before, the United States used it in the 60s to get rid of Nixon (through impeachment).


I am not talking about coup d'etat because Haiti no longer has a military.

I am talking about the people using peaceful demonstrations to demand Preval's resignation.

Tiba, February 13 2010, 7:47 AM

Topic: France: Fernandez comme proxy Préval son satrape.

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