Dessalines The Avenger, You keep going all over the place and...

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Dessalines The Avenger,

You keep going all over the place and you lost me.
You've asked why do I want Preval's regime to go so much?

I am then asking you, why don't you want Preval's regime to go?

It is because you would lose the opportunity to make money on the backs of the Haitian people, or do you have another motive?

Please stop the "legally elected president" nonsense crap. I am Not calling for coup d'etat.

Coup d'etat is infact a thing of the past in Haiti.

No coup d'etat is possible in Haiti since the disband of the Haitian military, and with the presence of UN (MINUSTAH) in Haiti.

The people have their God's given rights to force a president to resign anytime they want to regardless the president was legally elected or not.

Resignation and coup d'etat are 2 different tactics/measures/things/concept.

Only a military can give coup d'etat while the people can only force the government to resign.

If you watch the news and read the newspapers you would know about what's going on in Iran. The people take the streets demanding for the resignation of Amadinejad, the Iran president, who just got reelected legally to the presidency.

This is something that happens every where in the world.

When the people is sick and tired of their government's incompetence and mediocrity, they start protesting to get the government to resign.

Tiba, February 12 2010, 10:15 PM

Topic: France: Fernandez comme proxy Préval son satrape.

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Dessalines The Avenger, You keep going all over the place and you lost me. You've asked why do I want Preval's regime... read more >
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Kiki, 13-Feb-10 9:01 pm
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