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T Roger, Robert and Mark!

I guest the only thing we are accomplishing by disrespecting each other is really nothing.

You guys seem to lose focus very quick, and it look like negative statement always prevail.

If you considered yourself intellectuals please stop because look at Haiti, we have failed ourselves.

Yes our history is great but what have we done with it?

T-Roger seems to be very sensitive and very apologetic that's a great characteristic for a female "no disrespect my ladies, some of you guys are very emotional".

We shouldn't be comment on each other writing skills because neither French nor English is our first language, and I bet you many of us don't even know how to write Creole but you are sure fighting over French & English.

Yes I understand you went to the university of "whatever" but what have you done or will do that make you better than the next man?

Criticizing somebody doesn't make you intelligent, it make you weak because you can't counter that person statement or opinion.

Please I'm an idiot but I know that much.

Mr. Robert Toussant!
I do think you have a voice that need to be share with generation x, I blame you not T-Rogert for prolonging this conversation.

I believe you to need think about what you say before you say it because T-Rogert seem like a loose cannon, we need to give him direction.

I also blame you because you didn't do anything to help my generation and I might add your kids generation also.

Negativity has been conquering Haiti for over 200 years and that's because your generation, your father's generation, your father father's generation and so on didn't do anything but live and let live.

I blame you older brother, now help me help my generation.

I do think if you don't get side truck you will be ok but instead of directing traffic why don't you create traffic.

By that I mean stop telling people what they can or can't say. Let's focus more on how we can help Haiti, yes compliment is great but always carry your torch.

T-Rogert, Robert and Mark no disrespect what so ever!

We need a new movement in Haiti not correcting each other grammar or how to write a formal sentence.

We need to yell or use profanity to get our voice herd at time but we don't need to questions each other intelligent.

Haitian in particularly take it very personal when it come to questioning there intelligent.

Jean Batiste
One Man Is Not Team

Jean Batiste, April 4 2007, 5:16 PM

Topic: haitian people treatment in caricom and U.S.A

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T Roger, Robert and Mark! I guest the only thing we are accomplishing by disrespecting each other is really nothing... read more >
Jean Batiste, 4-Apr-07 5:16 pm
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