haitian people treatment in caricom and U.S.A

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Dear sir, i am interested to know, what does being part of caricom mean to you, as the leader of the haitian people?

I ask that because i see the haitian people having to get a visa to go the the islands of caricom, only the haitians.

why is that so, it is no wonder the u.s.a. do not want them. if your own people don't want them then, i guess america must be thinking something wrong with your people.

why are the haitians living in caricom countries get so much bad treatment?

even from the government of those countries that sit with you and pretend to be your friend, if they are your friends why not the friends of your people who you are supposed to love dearly.

Mr president please do something about caricom and the treatment your people are getting, thank you and god bless and guide you in wisdom as you lead the people that he has entrusted into your care.

Portsmouth Community Action Inc, March 31 2007, 7:24 PM

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Francois E, 1-Apr-07 10:46 pm
Well said my friend, from time to time i read the Jamaican observer, a while back i was shocked to see that the... read more >
Mark, 1-Apr-07 11:18 pm
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Ti Roger, 2-Apr-07 12:10 am
You know I wasn't going to respond to your comments again but since you mentioned my name i'm compelled to say a few... read more >
Mark, 3-Apr-07 12:33 am
MarK, je ne sais trop pourquoi tu t'evertues a repondre aux coneries de Ti Roger, il s'identifie par son langage... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 3-Apr-07 1:21 am
Dear Mark Show me one word in my last message that was insulting in any way. None. Not one Why did you not comment on... read more >
Ti Roger, 3-Apr-07 10:00 am
Brother it's not in my nature to hold a grudge, but you did trash my mother pretty bad in your first message I was... read more >
Mark, 3-Apr-07 11:06 pm
If you can value and respect others, I don't understand why Mr.Ti Roger can't do the same. I thank of your kind remark... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 3-Apr-07 11:52 pm
those whom are discriminating against our people are just shameless because haiti is the one that help most of them to... read more >
Jules, 4-Apr-07 9:40 am
Well my conclusion is that he has a volatile temperament, he's also very passionate. The thing is he explodes quickly... read more >
Mark, 4-Apr-07 5:08 pm
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