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Dear Mark
Show me one word in my last message that was insulting in any way. None. Not one
Why did you not comment on the subsequent paragraphs where I talked about Dominican, Jamaican, Bahamas and the Caricom.

Why just pick one word "rebuke" and go at it over and over and over.
Let's concentrate on substances and even if I realize that Iwas wrong to have chewed you but in the heat of the moment.

We Haitians are a passionate Nation.

The only thing I was saying was that all Haitians born in the Country assume their responsibility towards our nation and work for the welfare of the whole.

Dear Mark...

If you are still holding a grudge and are still offended by my not too civilized answer I am sorry and like in the chinese language there is a higher degree of being sorry'dubuqui" Mr Mark I am very sorry.

And when you are here in Paris with Lloyd just come by Paris 9 and have a drink.

Tell this boy RPT that I do not understand his French nor do I understand his english therefore I do not know in which language to answer him

Ti Roger, April 3 2007, 10:00 AM

Topic: haitian people treatment in caricom and U.S.A

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Mark, 1-Apr-07 11:18 pm
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Mark, 3-Apr-07 12:33 am
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Robert P. Toussaint, 3-Apr-07 1:21 am
Dear Mark Show me one word in my last message that was insulting in any way. None. Not one Why did you not comment on... read more >
Ti Roger, 3-Apr-07 10:00 am
Brother it's not in my nature to hold a grudge, but you did trash my mother pretty bad in your first message I was... read more >
Mark, 3-Apr-07 11:06 pm
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Robert P. Toussaint, 3-Apr-07 11:52 pm
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Jules, 4-Apr-07 9:40 am
Well my conclusion is that he has a volatile temperament, he's also very passionate. The thing is he explodes quickly... read more >
Mark, 4-Apr-07 5:08 pm
T Roger, Robert and Mark! I guest the only thing we are accomplishing by disrespecting each other is really nothing... read more >
Jean Batiste, 4-Apr-07 5:16 pm
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