Stop with all this bull shit! Rigaud just who is it that...

Zac - January 22 2010, 9:07 AM

Stop with all this bull shit! Rigaud just who is it that you're trying to scare.

You must think all Haitians are stupid and are willing to crack under false pretense.

For one thing you are not monitoring this site, even if you were you couldn't anything to anybody who disagrees with you because we live in the United States where free speech is paramount.

This is a free forum anybody can come here and attack or disagrees with your posts.

If you really want to talk about change in Haiti then you must first stop with the lies, and the threats.

Furthermore after the major catastrophe that just hit Haiti now is not the time for division we need to come together to help the victims.

The mulattoes have been a detriment to Haiti but so too have been black Haitians.

Haiti's problems are complex we must analyze every aspect of the problem stop passing blame.

Grow up!

Now is a time for us Haitians to have an inner dialogue with ourselves and ask ourselves what is it that every single one of us can do to help our country move forward.

Don't come here making empty threats, because it just shows how stupid you are to think people will buy into your empty threats, maybe some fools will but a guy like me will not. Rigaud I say you're a lie now i dare you to track me down and i'll show you how i deal with people who threaten me.


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