Whenever I encounter these people who say that Haitian worship...

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Whenever I encounter these people who say that Haitian worship the devil, I wonder when was the last time they looked at themselves in the mirror.

For example, we all know that Americans worship only one thing--money.Money is America's god. Americans would sell their mothers, their wives, and their children if they are paid the right price.

They will immediately change religion if they are in a position to make more money from a religion that's not theirs.

Lucifer is their best friend, as they rob people of their life long savings; as they sell people houses at one price than the price changes on them so that they cannot afford to pay their mortgages and whole families with children and the elderly end up on the street; as they greedily use religion to suck the money out of the elderly's pockets; as they even allow their wives to have sex with anyone who can promote their career, etc, etc, etc. Religious fanatic freaks are the biggest hypocrites, liars, thieves, hence devil worshipers on the face of the planet, because they never see anything wrong with these children of Lucifer.

Go figure...

Linda, January 21 2010, 3:59 PM

Topic: Rebuild Haiti

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Whenever I encounter these people who say that Haitian worship the devil, I wonder when was the last time they looked... read more >
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