Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on...

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Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on the white people, blame it on me. Typical excuse for losers.

Never take responsibility for their own failure.

Haiti is where it is because a mass majority of the people are uneducated, meaning, whatever you feed them, they just take it. They keep electing the same monkeys over and over again.

If I'm not mistaken, 98 to 99% of haitians are negros.

How do you let the mulattos controlling your wealth when they only represent 1% of the population.

Talking about internal colonization, I call it internal retardation from the haitian people who never got tired of being served over and over in their anal. When Duvalier got ousted, that should have been the end of social classes in haiti.

If you truly believe that some of the haiti's past leaders were good, then i must say, you will not be part of the new reconstruction process.

With great respect, I would deny your application.

People like yourself, still dont get it. If you wish to be a member of this coalition, the first step is to recognize that haitians are the problem, not the mulattoes.

Another thing I wanted to add, If mulattoes are so hated, Haiti is well known for its satanic demoniac voodo why can they do something with the mulattoes.

Take their soul and offfer them to lucifer.

I think not, and you know why, cause most haitians over there are ass lickers, they would protect mulattoes before they protect their own family.

they would do voodo to kill their neighbors children and offer their little soul to the devil so they can fly at night on people's roof. Haitians Voodo is Haiti's biggest problem.

They practice it for the wrong reason, they use it to hurt innocent people, poor people like themselves, but not kill or get rid of the mulattoes.

I wasn't brainwashed by the mulattoes my little dear. My impression is, you eat too much left overs from the mulattoes, and start hating for never been invited to their table.

I feel your frustration, but you know what, i'm gonna keep you in the kitchen still, i'll call you when i need an extra plate.

you have not earned your seat yet. You are still waiting on them to say Hey SAINTANIZE we got you a seat on our table.

Keep waiting

Jay, January 21 2010, 11:48 AM

Topic: Wyclef can Fool Haitians not IRS

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Gonaives, whatever your stupid name is, I dont think you are educated enough to understand what transparency means... read more >
Jay, 20-Jan-10 5:57 pm
Jay I tend to agree with most of your comments, in the matter of Wyclef, I think we should consider all the evidence... read more >
Calvin, 20-Jan-10 6:31 pm
I agree with everything you're saying, but let's give the man credit at least. I did not see any educated Haitian... read more >
Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:30 pm
Oh man, i cannot stop laughing man you're unbelievable. But you're absolutely right about read more >
Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:40 pm
Guys let me say this, I have nothing against wyclef. what i am against is when i see haitian musicians or pimps who... read more >
Jay, 20-Jan-10 9:22 pm
I agree with some of your assertions, but I realize that you are advocating exclusion. We should not discriminate... read more >
Ghislaine, 20-Jan-10 11:46 pm
Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti. Preval is dark as hell, Aristid lips were fat and swollen, and the ones before... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 2:39 am
You are doomed to failure for you do not understand any relationships existing between politics and economic power as... read more >
Carline Sj Montreuil, 21-Jan-10 3:07 am
Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on the white people, blame it on me. Typical excuse for... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 11:48 am
Lol. You're so cute I'd like to put you in a little bird cage to watch you mindlessly chirp all day. Keep at it. Keep... read more >
Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 2:30 pm
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