I agree with some of your assertions, but I realize that you...

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I agree with some of your assertions, but I realize that you are advocating exclusion.

We should not discriminate anyone based on age, ethnicity and sex. We should end the employments of all mulatto executives within the Haitian Administration to replace them by qualified Haitians in order to end corruption in Haiti.

The international community should build new companies and offer new affordable services to the Haitian people and build an infrastructure that will not allow the mulatto crooks to have monopoly in Haiti anymore...

Wyclef needs to talk about his qualifications and why he believes that he should be president of Haiti.

We should know about his educational background in the areas of law, finance, economy, international relations and public administration before he decided to run for president.

You have argued some interesting good points in your argumentations, but the exclusion does not please me at all. The only exclusion that I will abide by is to replace unqualified mulatto crooks as CEOs within the Haitian Public Administration by qualified Haitians whether they are dark skinned or light skinned Haitians.

The mulatto administration should come to an end in order to avoid dark skinned puppet president in power...

Ghislaine, January 20 2010, 11:46 PM

Topic: Wyclef can Fool Haitians not IRS

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Gonaives, whatever your stupid name is, I dont think you are educated enough to understand what transparency means... read more >
Jay, 20-Jan-10 5:57 pm
Jay I tend to agree with most of your comments, in the matter of Wyclef, I think we should consider all the evidence... read more >
Calvin, 20-Jan-10 6:31 pm
I agree with everything you're saying, but let's give the man credit at least. I did not see any educated Haitian... read more >
Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:30 pm
Oh man, i cannot stop laughing man you're unbelievable. But you're absolutely right about read more >
Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:40 pm
Guys let me say this, I have nothing against wyclef. what i am against is when i see haitian musicians or pimps who... read more >
Jay, 20-Jan-10 9:22 pm
I agree with some of your assertions, but I realize that you are advocating exclusion. We should not discriminate... read more >
Ghislaine, 20-Jan-10 11:46 pm
Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti. Preval is dark as hell, Aristid lips were fat and swollen, and the ones before... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 2:39 am
You are doomed to failure for you do not understand any relationships existing between politics and economic power as... read more >
Carline Sj Montreuil, 21-Jan-10 3:07 am
Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on the white people, blame it on me. Typical excuse for... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 11:48 am
Lol. You're so cute I'd like to put you in a little bird cage to watch you mindlessly chirp all day. Keep at it. Keep... read more >
Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 2:30 pm
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