Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti. Preval is dark as hell...

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Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti.

Preval is dark as hell, Aristid lips were fat and swollen, and the ones before them were ugly negroes.

Education is the key, it does not matter what color you are, someone who is a lighter complexion in Haiti cannot intimidate someone who is dark skin and educated.

Knowledge is power.

This kind of dilemma is not just in Haiti, every where people tend to favored lighther skins.

Most Haitians consider themselves to be inferior to the mulattos which is why they kept stepping on them. Whenever I go to Haiti, I see the mulattos and when I talk to them, my impression is, they are dumb as hell. The french they speak is broken to the max with a bad Haitian accent.

but again the mass of Haitians are intimidated by it cause they speak french only. French my ASS. They feel intimidated around me, cause i'm not impressed with their big homes, I'm more educated than most of them, and I have a better diction.

In addition to that i've been around the world: Europe, canada, Africa, and now reside in the USA. They have nothing on me. How can I be impressed by their wealth when 80% of the people live in extreme poverty.

What they call Bourgeoisie life style in Haiti, is nothing but typical here and everywhere else. They go by the beach and eat baked fish and crab, drinking Barbancourt etc...

WoW !!! Anyone who's on welfare here can go to a Red Lobster and spend $12.99 all you can eat seafood.

Is that bourgeoisie, in Haiti perhaps.

Haitians need to change their mind set, stop feeling inferior to other races.

long years of oppression are to blame.

Folks, I said many times, Haiti doesnt need a president, it needs a solid coalition of diasporas, including wyclef to run the country from different sectors.

I must admit, I had the chance to debate with some very smart people on here and some very corrupted mind on here. Guys, the movement starts here. Lets keep the pathetic lunatics fanatics in cage, the ones who still believe in Duvalier and Aristid.

I would chain them and let a couple of bull dogs chew their balls

Jay, January 21 2010, 2:39 AM

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Calvin, 20-Jan-10 6:31 pm
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Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:30 pm
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Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:40 pm
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Jay, 20-Jan-10 9:22 pm
I agree with some of your assertions, but I realize that you are advocating exclusion. We should not discriminate... read more >
Ghislaine, 20-Jan-10 11:46 pm
Mulattos aren't the problem in Haiti. Preval is dark as hell, Aristid lips were fat and swollen, and the ones before... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 2:39 am
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Carline Sj Montreuil, 21-Jan-10 3:07 am
Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on the white people, blame it on me. Typical excuse for... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 11:48 am
Lol. You're so cute I'd like to put you in a little bird cage to watch you mindlessly chirp all day. Keep at it. Keep... read more >
Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 2:30 pm
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