I will always tell the truth about Haitian politics and crook...

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I will always tell the truth about Haitian politics and crook like you will not silence me. I was calling for reforms within your fellow Mulattoes' Doublure Administration in Haiti and not violence or hatred as you advocate it. You and the other mulattoes do not want the truth about Haiti to be told and that is why you are attacking my personality.

I am very far to call for violence in Haiti and if I had to call for violence I would know how to say or articulate it. I feel pity for your fellow crook managers in Haiti.

You must realize now they lost more than they stole.

God is bringing justice to 98% of those Haitians left in Haiti.

I feel the pain for your fellow crooks, executive managers of the Haitian Administration, but I feel more pain for the other 98% of Haitians who need our help more than any other persons.

God's justice is better and there is no need for division now. Be careful you are attacking the sanctity of a person who never lies to make his voice heard, believe me you will be deeply sorry for attacking me. I believe in the God of Justice and he will stop you from lying.

It is the time to forgive those crooks for their bad managements of Haiti over the past 206 years now and see how we can rebuild a new Haiti with love, equality and justice.

Many die by your fellow crook executives in Haiti for telling the truth, and I am not scared of dying, for telling the truth is my best bet. I will continue to reveal all bad things that your fellow crook executive mulattoes did to retain power in Haiti.

You got paid to stop others when they are telling truth about Haiti.

I am not scared of mulattoes'scare tactics anymore.

When people are denouncing social injustices, mulattoes and subhumans and subservients like you always state that they are advocating hatred and violence so the truth will not be heard.

Shame on you and if you do not stop with your lying tongue you will be deeply sorry.

I am a rightly guided and chosen person, and if you want, try it through Voodoo and your Voodoo priests will tell you about the sanctity of the person you are attacking.

They would tell you this guy is straightforward person and he will tell you the truth like it is. Shame on you from attacking me in a time of sufferings of 97% of dark skinned Haitians and 1% person of true mulatto Haitians in Haiti.

It is the time to help and not to fight.

Your pain will start after this reading and you will stop...

Mathieu Derisse, January 13 2010, 1:47 AM

Topic: Re: Haitian Economic Elites The New Cruel Masters

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Mathieu Derisse, 11-Jan-10 4:13 pm
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Zac, 12-Jan-10 7:39 am
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Mathieu Derisse, 12-Jan-10 5:11 pm
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Zac, 12-Jan-10 5:49 pm
I will always tell the truth about Haitian politics and crook like you will not silence me. I was calling for reforms... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 1:47 am
In this moment of great sadness for the Haitian people, mr. derisse, you should stop this tirade against mulattos... read more >
Rubens Titus, 13-Jan-10 2:16 am
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Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 2:46 am
You have serious issues. Your views are not only incorrect but you are trying to use them to insite other ignorant... read more >
The Not So Elite, 24-Jan-10 9:13 am
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