Re: Haitian Economic Elites The New Cruel Masters

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Some of my information came from the book entitled "Jean-Price Mars, The Haitian Eite and The American Occupation, 1915-1935", by Magdaline W. Shannon.

After I read this book I have come to understand that the Haitian Economic Elites are the new cruel masters of Haiti.Dessalines, Christophe and the betrayor Alexandre Petion had fought against Napoleon forces, Spanish and British forces in vain. The Haitian Economic elites under the leadership of the 2% of mulattoes' hardliners made and continue to make Haiti become one of the worst nations to live on this planet.

They have created two different Haiti: One Beautiful Haiti in the mountains and one Ugly Haiti with Cite Soleil and Croix Des Bosales.

Those dirty pigs do not know that foreign countries do not portray their beautiful Haiti, but the Ugly Haiti is the one that has been portrayed for years.

This ugliness reflects the 2% mulattoes' will to keep Haiti in deep poverty with their mercantilistic system.

Haitians overseas are being mistreated because of the willingness of those dirty pigs to spread insecurity in Haiti.

Mulattoes' CEO s within the Haitian Public Administration are the worst managers ever. They are crooks, corruptors and shameful people.

We must drive out those cruel masters for they are worst than the old cruel French masters.

President Jacques Chirac states in one of his political speeches in Martinique this: I do not think that Haiti was colonized by French although Haiti continues to use our French language.

We can not say that we shared or continue to share the same cultural heritage to paraphrase his ideas.

He has the right to say that, for the 2% mulattoes' dirty pigs are worst and more cruels than the old French cruel masters.

The Haitian Elites are a shame for Haiti and the whole Caribbean Area. The French Overseas Department Beques (The Elites of the DOM or FOD) use Haiti's case as a pretext to make Martinique, Guyane, Guadeloupe's residents believe if they opt for independence they will become like Haiti.

They use the dirty images of Haiti to lure the DOM residents to accept their subservient conditions as normal, for if rebelled they could become like Haiti.

With such a control, they coerce the DOM residents to vote for the No to stay colonies of the French Republic.

Those dirty pigs in Haiti humiliate Haitians in Haiti and overseas.

This time we must shake their corrupted system and kick them out. Haitian Elites are repugnant people and they are the killers of Haitian people in Haiti.

Haitian elites are poisoners, assassins and killers.

They are financing kidnapping to keep the Haitian Diaspora in exile.

The Haitian Elites use the very poor dark skinned Haitians to practice kidnapping on their behalf to keep us in exile.

The kidnapping is a plot and a conspiracy against us. We must denounce the 2% mulattoes dirty pigs in their insane project.

Insanity is the social norm or the standard for those dirty pigs in Haiti.

We are asking the 97% of dark skinned Haitians and the 1% mulattoes of goodwill to join us in the fight to liberate Haiti from those dirty pigs called the Haitian Most Repugnant Elites of the World...

Mathieu Derisse, January 11 2010, 11:54 AM

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Zac, 11-Jan-10 12:14 pm
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Mathieu Derisse, 11-Jan-10 4:13 pm
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Zac, 12-Jan-10 7:39 am
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Mathieu Derisse, 12-Jan-10 10:00 am
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Zac, 12-Jan-10 12:32 pm
As a mulatto hardliner (member of 2% of crooks), you cannot say anything better. If you are not among the 2% of those... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 12-Jan-10 5:11 pm
Mathieu so you think i'm a coward because i will not support your campaign of hatred well coming from a man like that... read more >
Zac, 12-Jan-10 5:49 pm
I will always tell the truth about Haitian politics and crook like you will not silence me. I was calling for reforms... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 1:47 am
In this moment of great sadness for the Haitian people, mr. derisse, you should stop this tirade against mulattos... read more >
Rubens Titus, 13-Jan-10 2:16 am
Why don't you answer to my recent posting as of three days before the earthquake. Why don't you answer to this posting... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 2:46 am
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