Zach, I welcome your positive coments and I believe you and I...

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Zach, I welcome your positive coments and I believe you and I can stand for economic progress in Haiti.

Did you read anything about Dr. Price Mars?

One of the main reasons that Dr. Price Mars lost the presidential elections in Haiti during his era was the fact he did not want to acknowledge the race issues in Haiti.

When he realized that the race issue was real it was too late and the mulatto Vincent won the elections over him. Racism is a real and serious issue that we need to discuss and we must not shut up about it.

The ruling class in Haiti considers all other Haitians as inferior and Haiti is a colony for them. It is better for Haiti to be colonized by another foreign country than being colonized by its own ruling class.

The latter thinks that all Haitians are idiots and doomed to failure.

This ruling class does not see anything than enriching themselves at the expenses of the poor. They bought castles in France, Canada, United States and Spain and in other countries and they invest in luxury projects such as Oasis of the seas instead of investing in Haiti.

Jean-Claude Duvalier and Aristide can tell you how many castles those dirty pigs own overseas.

Some have castles in Miami, Florida have only their servants live on them. They come once or twice a year to visit those castles.

I am part of a project group that is filming those castles and later we will reveal the names of those dirty pigs that own those castles.

Shame on Haiti's ruling class that is making other foreign countries to look beautiful than their colony.

Haiti is a colony of slaves for those dirty pigs and that is why they are killing so many people in Haiti.

The brainwash time is over.This is a long overdue racism and we must dismantle their corrupted system.

All presidents tried to end this sort of racism but could not do it due to the fact the ruling class knew how to conspire against them and get them deported from Haiti.

The 2% mulattoes' hardliners are the ones comploting against Duvalier and silently they turned the masses against Jean-Claude to get him deported in France.

They did the same thing against Aristide, Namphy, Cedras, Manigat and others to name a few. The kidnapping in Haiti is a mulatto's project to keep Haitian Diaspora in exile as well as keeping their corrupted administration of doublure intact.

The Beques (The Ruling Class of the French Colonies) in the Caribbean Region use the bad images of Haiti to keep the Department D'Outre Mer's residents under French Colonization and they let them believe if they opt for independence they will become like Haiti.

Haiti has been used as a red scare in all French colonies to keep them colonized.

Zach, the race issue is real and I cannot remain silent until I see economic progress in Haiti.

Zach, our ruling elites in Haiti are the worst ones around the world.

We must dismantle this corrupted elite if real economic changes cannot occur in Haiti.

Racism is everywhere in Haiti, in schools, colleges as well as in the workplace.

I will not remain silent until they kill me. They are ploting to kill me or poison me for silence.

Zach, I am already considered myself as a dead person.

I will not play the blame-game accusation of Haiti's ruling elite.

Haitian people in the diaspora must mobolize to end the Mulattoes' Doublure Administration after 206 years of failure.

Dark skinned blacks in Haiti will not be blamed anymore for mulattoes' CEO corruption and theft within the Haitian Administration.

Haiti's ruling class open businesses not to benefit Haitian people but to enrich themselves.

The bad images of Raboteau, Titanyins, Croix Des Bosales are everywhere to show the reality of Haiti, but that does not affect those dirty pigs. Those dirty pigs let others believe that the Voodoo is responsible for Haiti's poverty and those pigs use Voodoo to keep their corrupted administration intact.

Shame on those crooks and they should leave Haiti for real reforms to occur.

No one overseas wants to be friend with Hatian because of Voodoo and Haiti's economic conditions.

Voodoo is not responsible for Haiti's poverty, but the ruling elites are responsible for Haiti's poverty.

We must make them leave and nothing will stop the Compressor rolls, for the Conveyor belts cannot keep them in power anymore.

Enough is enough those crooks and dirty pigs must leave...

Mathieu Derisse, January 11 2010, 4:13 PM

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