Listen, I am not inciting violence, it is time for the mulatto...

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Listen, I am not inciting violence, it is time for the mulatto executives to stop accusing us. Dark skinned Haitians are used as subservient within the CEOs' mulatto Administration of Doublure.

This administration reveals to be a failure and they are experts in diverting money within their Administration of Doublure.

Who gives the mulattos the rights to occupy all important or executive positions in our administration?

Who gives the rights to them to occupy all important sectors of the Haitian economy?

The mulatto President named Petion sets up this system since 1807 for them. I am telling you that must stop. The Mulatto Haitian public CEOs within the public administration must leave for real reforms to occur.

Otherwise we will continue to accuse the international communities, the diaspora and the subservient blacks and we will continue the play the blame-game of the mulattoes as Restaveks.

Do you want to liberate Haiti or do you want to still leave as subservients?

Do you want to be classed as pariah, lackeys, restaveks or domestic of the mulattoes?

I know you don't want to be classed as inferior anymore?

I will post 18 books with their titles and if you are interested in Haitian issues and you will read them to understand Haitian politics.

I am not for violence although I am mad against those dirty pigs that keep accusing 97% of dark skinned Haitians as killers and corrupters and they got credit for that from the white men. Whites do not like us because they are brainwashed by mulatto executives in Haiti that let them believe that blacks are superstitious and Voodoo believers and they are the ones that are paying uneducated blacks to kill true mulattoes and true blacks that stand against their corruption system.

How can you understand that Haitians in the Diaspora represents a threat to the mulattoes and they have to finance the kidnapping to kidnap diaspora people?

Mulattoes' executives are responsible for the crimes orchestrated in Haiti.

Mulattoes used dark skinned blacks to kill Jean-Dominique, Ismery brothers, Mireille Durocher Bertrand, Guy Malary (all good mulattoes killed by 2% mulatto hardliners) and many other good dark skinned blacks Guy Volel, Sylvio C. Claude and others to name a few. How can you tolerate a ruling class that is using the killing skills of uneducated Haitians to commit all those horrible crimes?

How can you tolerate a ruling class that has no other methods than corruption?

The race issue is real in Haiti and we cannot minimize it. The witch hunt that you are advocating must be done to liberate the Haitian administration of all those crook managers at all executive levels of the Haitian administration.

The time of Haitians'subserviency must stop and a Progressive Social Revolution must be advanced for real reforms to occur to end the long lasting legacy of mulatto CEOs within the Haitian Public Administration.

Our ancestors did not liberate Haiti for creating this corrupted system.

The mulatto managers of Haiti's administration are bad and we cannot tolerate their management modes anymore.

That is not violence my friend.

Tell those that tell you to accuse Mathieu of advocating violence that you do not see such a violence, but violence will come by itself and that is always expected in an oppressive society like Haiti.

Look at what happened in Rwanda, no one can blame them for they did not have any other options.

Castro did not have any other options than using the witch hunt methods to liberate Cuba. This is not the best option, but those corruptors refusedto leave for real reforms to occur.

What other options do you have for the Haitian people?

They must continue to accept humiliation over economic progress, suberviency over real educated people, and inferiority over equality.

Did Dessalines, Christophe and Petion the murderer of Dessalines fight for creating an unequal country?

You can accuse me of violence for telling the truth on behalf of the Haitians for I will not continue to play the blame-game accusation of the mulattoes to cling to power.

I will not let those 2% mulattos brainwash me to accept subserviency over equality.

I know that most of the Haitians are scared of the power of corruption of the mulattoes but I am ready to die for this equality to be achieved at all levels to liberate Haitians.

You are very knowlegeable, but are very fearful and you know real reforms or revolution cannot achieve with coward people.

The international communities are tired of supporting those corrupted people and they want us to change our living conditions, but the mulattoes will not make it for you.They would have already done it after 206 years of independence if they had to do it. Be brave and stand on the right side of history.

We need you to join the real cause and if you are among the 1% of the good mulattoes and the 97% of real dark skinned blacks of Haiti you will join the fredom Ride Movement of Haiti entitled "Toward a Social Progressive Revolution in Haiti Through Real Administrative Reforms not Through Violence" you will join.

Mathieu is not a violent person and he will not advocate violence to liberate Haiti, but if the Haitian people have no other choices and if those crook managers refuse to abandon the Haitian Administration violence might occur and the international communities might not be able to save and protect the lives of those shameful people (2% of bad mulattoes).

I appreciate your thoughts and I will enlighten you more on other postings.

Mathieu Derisse, January 12 2010, 10:00 AM

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Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 1:47 am
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Mathieu Derisse, 13-Jan-10 2:46 am
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The Not So Elite, 24-Jan-10 9:13 am
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