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History Of Police in Haiti

Haiti, is well known around the world as the first Black Republic, gaining independance in january 1804, being an off-shoot colony from France.

The country is based on Roman Law. The constitution of Mars 1986, recognized as the National Law, was amended, after the population of 8millions, was liberated from the Dictatorial regime (1971-1985), which was overthrown by the Haitian Army Forces (FAD'H).

The FAD'H was created and trained by the US, before leaving the country in 1943. After the American occupation of 1915-1943, safety and security matters were assured by the military forces.

There was no Police at that time, therefore the concept of policing was slipshod which indeed resulted in several difficulties for the criminal justice system, when encountering serious criminal offenses that required some techniques of acquisition of evidence and other important tasks...

Instead of helping the system to improve in solving crimes and enforcing the law, it turned out most of the crimes were being committed by the militia an armed group of pro-Duvalier volunteers well known under the name of "Tonton Makout" and the military personnel.

The idea of the creation of a Police Force came about after the enormous problems caused by that army, mumerous "coup d'etat" and violations of the constitution were the main reasons for President Jean Bertrand Aristide, a victim of the 1991 coup d'etat, brought back in power by the US in 1995, to destroy the army forces.

The Haitian government with the cooperation of the International Community namely USA, France and Canada decided to create the Haitian National Police (HNP) with the ultimate goal to serve and protect the population.

They all play an important role in term of training assistance and basic structure.

More than 2500 recruits were taken to Fort-leonard Wood Camp, ST Louis MO. in USA for training (ICITAP Program).

A small amount of recruits trained in Canada and a few received specialization in different aspect techniques in France.

At the end of year of 1996, a miraculous effort, courage patience and sacrifices of the Haitian Government and the International Community especially the US had paid off, when approximately 5000 pioneer new Police Officers men and women who had graduated from the Academy, took over the streets of the Haitian Capital Port-au-Prince and the provincial areas.

Also, the Haitian population had faith in the HNP, and were very cooperative in efforts to prevent and fight crimes.

Reggie Clerie

Dedicated to all Class 3 of PNH. (RC)

R Ginald Cl Ri, December 24 2009, 12:29 AM

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