Montressor, tell me are you running for president of the...

Zac - November 15 2009, 5:57 AM

Montressor, tell me are you running for president of the United States or Haiti?

You keep blogging about your travels from state to state but you haven't mentioned any trips to Haiti.

Should you not be in Haiti traveling across the country to see and understand the problems Haitians face?

Secondly we all saw how the Haitian parliament recently fired the prime minister.

Montressor, I'm assuming you don't have any political roots in Haiti so my question is this?

First let me say that, not that I believe you're competent or qualified to be president of Haiti but if you did win the election.

How would you deal with parliament?

I hope you know that according to the Haitian constitution the parliament can fire your Prime minister and dissolve the government whenever it pleases.

When push come to shove how would you negotiate with these sharks who don't really care about the well being of the country?

By the way I hope you understand that the Haitian presidency isn't like the US, the president of Haiti doesn't actually run the government it's the prime minister who does. Who would be your Prime Minister?

Indulge me!


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