You received most of these rumors from a Voodoo priest did...

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You received most of these rumors from a Voodoo priest did you?

I lived in Haiti from 1982 through 1985 as pilot for Ernest Bennett father-in-law of Baby Doc who was Haitis' 9th President-for-Life and managed Air Haiti and I can tell you, as a matter of fact, the "stolen millions" you speak of had nothing to do with Baby Doc but my former boss Ernest Bennett who is now deceased.

He took a special liking to me and used to drive me around Haiti in his BMW and he would be doing the driving and in the right seat beside him up front was a Haitian officer with one of those little machine guns and I would be sitting in the back seat. One day as we were driving around Ernest Bennet turned around and looked at me and, just out of the blue, said to me: "The best Banks in the world are in Panama" so the one(s) doing the "stolen millions" were Ernest Bennett and his daughter married to Baby Doc and living the high life while Baby Doc was being lead around by the nose. When I first was pilot for Ernest Bennett I didn't know of his shaddy dealings but gradually they came to light and when I left Haiti and returned to the U.S. I stopped by the offices of the Haiti opposition in Miami and was led into a back room after I informed them I was a pilot for Ernest Bennet where I drew them a map of the location of Ernest Bennets' BMW dealership which was later trashed by angry mobs in Haiti.

Google "ernest bennett haiti".

Earl Wheby Jr, October 21 2009, 3:59 AM


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