Aristide Must Come Back Before A Republican President Gets Elected In U.S.

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Aristide, I know that you are a democrat but you do not understand how power keeps switching back and forth in the United States.

If you do not come back in Haiti during 2011 and 2012, you will have to wait another 10 years overseas and you will be deeply sorry.

You should do like Duvalier and you do not need any renewed passport to go back to Haiti.

It is predicted that the new president of the United States could be among the following Republicans with New Gringrich, Tim Pawlentee or Mitt Romney, and therefore, any of these three guys will not allow you to enter Haiti.

Be careful with your doctors in South Africa and find out if they have any contacts with the U.S. CIA, for you may be killed like Ti-Manno.

Be careful with CIA for you are being followed to every move you make in South Africa.

Do not trust anyone and even your own wife. Just trust yourself if you want to live longer years.

All exiled political leaders should follow those advices if they want to return home.

I forgive all of you and I want you back in Haiti to make a public apology so the Haitian society can be healed and moved forward.

I feel sorry for all the victims who had fallen under the Communist Label to please the U.S. CIA and from the bottom of my hearts I apologize before you Haitian people and I ask you to forgive and forget to move Haiti forward after this past earthquake.

Nou dwe mete tout chire pit de kote si nou vle avanse.

I felt your pain and frustration but I am sorry for your sorrows and sufferings too. Please forgive and forget so we can kick those Rat CIA members out of Haiti in the days ahead.

The killers are dividing us and all CIA members are rats and criminals.

They are responsible for our political divisions, pain and sufferings too. Those CIA members are working inside those NGOs and it will be hard to kick them out.

We need to be serious about ourselves to say never we will drink again a divided soup. Nou pap bwe soup divizyon anko e nou dwe di sa ki divize nou an pi piti ke sa ka ini nou an. Can we say that?

If we can say that Haiti will be saved again.

Aristide if you do not come back this year or next year it will be too late for you ok, and it seems that Obama will be a one term president in the United States.

The Republicans refuse to create jobs to move the United States forward in the days ahead and they will put the blame on Obama.

I am proud of Obama and he is a good guy. He is humble, honest and very bright intellectual president.

That is the kind of honest person that we need for Haiti.

We need a centrist peson to move haiti forward.

We do not need a person who will tell us to hate rich people or hate mulattoes but we need a person who can articulate well the vision of the poor and a person who can bring all Haitian groups along the table for a natioanl dialog about change to save Haiti.

Can anyone do that?

It is time to put aside past rivalries to move Haiti forward.

That is why I am calling upon all political leaders to return so we can engage in this missing dialog to move Haiti forward.

Namphy, where are you?

Ertha Trouillot where are you?

Regala, Biamby, Avril, Romain, Cedras, Chanoine, Merceron and Achilles where are you?

I want all of you back to help Haiti.

I wish I could create a Former Presidents Council so they can have their say on the future of Haiti.

If you can all come back, Haiti will be after after France the second one to have a good institution like that. I want you all back and I want to see all of you shaking hands with one another to apologize and ask for forgiveness before the Haitian people.

You are all victims of the CIA political maneuvers in Haiti.

Now, after the communists, they brought us drugs and terorism just to control us more. They have done 911 and they are experts in destroying and accusing others as well. We need to kick those hypocrits out of our sacred land to start all over again.

CIA represents crimes, lies, bluffs, corruption and political divisions among us. They are rats and we need to dig them from their holes to save Haiti...

Toulimen, January 21 2011, 12:31 PM

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Toulimen, 21-Jan-11 6:57 pm
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Ablerooster, 21-Jan-11 8:14 pm
You must be one of the high-living "mulattos" (what a joke). What you want is to save your own ass! read more >
Ablerooster, 21-Jan-11 8:36 pm
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Marjorie Middy, 21-Jan-11 9:49 pm
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Toulimen, 21-Jan-11 11:07 pm
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Toulimen, 21-Jan-11 11:10 pm
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Ablerooster, 22-Jan-11 9:07 am
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Toulimen, 22-Jan-11 9:50 am
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Ablerooster, 22-Jan-11 10:12 am
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