duvalier massacre of mulattoes for power

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The Francois Duvalier assasins Lieutenant Abel Jerome and Sanete Balmir the head of the macoutes went on to kill and then pillage the businesses of the Guilbaud, Drouin, and Villedrouin's families.

They killed Gerard Guilbaud and his wife whose maiden name was Drouin.

It was also reported that she was pregnant at the time. They went to Victor's Villedrouin's house in Bordes took and killed him, his wife and children, including his very popular young teenager at school, Frantz Villedrouin.

They also arrested and killed Louis Drouin.

The common denominator in all these massacres was that all the people
executed were educated mulattos.

The actions made all light skinned
mulattos of Jeremie living in fear that one night would be their turn, until
they left the city. In the case of Pierre Sansarick, his arrest occurred after he and his sons tried repeatedly to collect from the military authority chief the gas he and the police have been buying for weeks at their pump without

(Government thieves) The majority of the mulattos' families moved out of the city of Jeremie, and possibly out of the country.

From then on, it was a downward slide for Jeremie.The criminal and inhumane nature of Francois Duvalier(possibly his insanity)was epitomized in his massacre of the mulattoes of Haiti.

Entire families who had not committed any crimes were wiped out. The majority of the black population in Haiti in the year 2008 are still backward, ignorant and poor, regarless of how many educated mulattoes that Duvalier and his cronies killed.

That primitive voudou cult that most of them seem to practice is keeping them uncivilized and evil to say the least.

Nousdis, June 5 2008, 4:00 PM


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The Francois Duvalier assasins Lieutenant Abel Jerome and Sanete Balmir the head of the macoutes went on to kill and... read more >
Nousdis, 5-Jun-08 4:00 pm
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Clemont, 9-Jun-08 3:05 pm
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Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Oct-09 3:59 am
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Sue, 19-Jan-10 1:09 am
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Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 1:44 pm
Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 1:53 pm
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Jean-pierre Dessalines, 21-Jan-10 1:57 pm
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Gonaives, 21-Jan-10 2:54 pm
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