The kinadpping business in Haiti must stop

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I am Haitian living in Manhattan, New York for nearly 3 decades.

It is appalling that successful Haitians living overseas cannot visit their own natal country for fear of being kidnapped by thugs.

Evidently, these thugs do not value human life and only care about their own interests.

This type of criminal activity is inexcusable and unacceptable to the international community.

The Haitian government must do more deter kidnapping in Haiti.

Anyone convicted of such crime should be sentenced to no less than 25 years in prison.

Haiti's economy is dependent on tourist dollars, and the lack thereof will only bring more misery to Haiti.

I have been advised not to travel to Haiti because the grimmo-mulattoes are prone to get kidnapped even at the airport.

I have watched terrifying kidnapping footages in Haiti on the internet.

In on instance, a Haitian police officer was an accomplice in one of the kidnappings.

Those thugs in Cite Soleil and all those involved in kidnapping must be apprehended and be brought to justice.

Ben, September 13 2009, 9:03 PM

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How simplistic of you! Did you ever think that the whole idea is to keep people like you out of the country? The thugs... read more >
Rintintin, 14-Sep-09 10:48 am
First of all, I did not state that the thugs in Cite Soleil are the only ones running those operations. I am also well... read more >
Ben, 14-Sep-09 11:35 am
It is very sickening when I see such accusations directed at the American government. The very thought that the... read more >
Germanicus Daldarian, 19-Oct-09 1:29 pm
Once the justice system is fixed and becomes a very rigid as far maintaining punishments, it will be very easy to... read more >
Jc, 19-Oct-09 6:28 pm
You have not said anything new regarding the kinapping in Haiti. And if you gonna try to exclude a third party from... read more >
Upd, 20-Oct-09 1:48 pm
when is that. are you writing from your armchair on the beach where reality often allude even the most pragmatic? read more >
Germanicus Daldarian, 20-Oct-09 1:49 pm
Give me a break here! Do you think the UN and US play a role in keeping Haiti down? This is the kind of crutch that... read more >
Germanicus Daldarian, 20-Oct-09 2:12 pm
Yes,I believe the U.S=U.N has a lot or some to do with the kidnapping in Haiti. Let's say you just scare or feel... read more >
Upd, 20-Oct-09 2:29 pm
UPD, not because you can walk upright or write a little exclude you from being a trained monkey! What's truly... read more >
Germanicus Daldarian, 20-Oct-09 2:45 pm
First fact is, because you are belong to the so-called "Haitian" living in the U.S. therefore, you feel that if you do... read more >
Upd, 20-Oct-09 5:40 pm
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