First fact is, because you are belong to the so-called...

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First fact is, because you are belong to the so-called "Haitian" living in the U.S. therefore, you feel that if you do speak up, people would make you look like a dumb, so you just have to go the easy way: Blaming your ownself, Haiti, Haitians as usual.

Fact should not be based only on what has been found written down through researches.

Fact can be drawn from experiences, things you see with your eyes and experiences.

Therefore, I have clear fact that I'm speaking not only of things I've seen or heard, but also things I have experienced as well. So, what facts do you have?

Maybe, some facts based on what some white American people have written.

The U.S. has been sending lot of Haitians who have been jailed for long times in U.S prisons, and then send them to Haiti.

According to studies done on criminals behavior, majority of people who go to jail and stay in jail for long-time never the same when they come out, in another word, they become more violence.

Well, these are the kind of criminals the U.S have been sending to Haiti for long period of times.

Note that you can help your country much better by starting to think just like me. That means to stop spying on your country, blaming your people, accusing your people to conceal for other nation.

Thus, this would make you a better person.

Upd, October 20 2009, 5:40 PM

Topic: The kinadpping business in Haiti must stop

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Germanicus Daldarian, 20-Oct-09 2:45 pm
First fact is, because you are belong to the so-called "Haitian" living in the U.S. therefore, you feel that if you do... read more >
Upd, 20-Oct-09 5:40 pm
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Haitirules, 15-Apr-10 7:02 am
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