You have not said anything new regarding the kinapping in...

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You have not said anything new regarding the kinapping in Haiti.

And if you gonna try to exclude a third party from accused of being kidnapping that going on in Haiti, you do not need to say no more. Just move to a new discussion topic, because you just don't want to know the true. I believe the U.N. which also the U.S, has either has a lot, or some to do with the kidnapping that going down in Haiti.

If you wise enough, or if you don't feel embarassing to talk bold because you live in the U.S, you should have no doubt that the U.N=U.S capable of doing it. It's far more different of what you think of the U.S and what you see from an American white when living in your country than when you live in their own country.

They clearly not a good nation and race.

Speaking of giving immunity to get caugted kidnappers to speak of whom that may have sent them, many of them would probably won't know, because if there's someone that pays them to do it, the person in front whose face would appear to the kidnappers would always be a Haitian with no doubt, but the guy behind the Haitian boss whose face would be kept secret most likely would be the white American culprit.

theyI don't see why some rich people in Haiti would want to do something like that, while doing it would only hurt their businesses because majority.

I beleive strongly their goals toward Haiti and those poor countries in the world is to use them as a piece of work to show the other rich big countries such as Russia, China, Venezuela they are better and all these poor countries want to be Americans.

For example, if Haiti becomes a normal stable country, they would not mind to go back home, want to become U.S citizen.

Therefore, when Haitians people scare to go back home, so it's a pleasure for country like U.S. to prove its kindness way to expose to the world how good they are by bring you some food ( hot meal plate as they always say) to poor Haitians children.

The U.S. interests is mostly to defend its so-called "First country in the world".

They are fighting more for power than for safety or any humanity interests.

Upd, October 20 2009, 1:48 PM

Topic: The kinadpping business in Haiti must stop

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