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Yes, I did say that I did not want to get in Haitian politics because I don't want to die to voodoo, picks, or manchettes.

And so what is your point?

Just because I don't want to die to voodoo does that means I want it banned and get rid of?

I don't thing so!

Despite of the wide spread of voodoo in Haiti, I am safer there than I am in the US but am I afraid to go out?

Would I call on the authorities to get rid of crime?

I don't think so, beside how would they be able to get the rid of crim in the US when crime/violence is part of the American culture?

Bizzare, we never going to see eye-to-eye in this issue because while I don't believe anyone can get rid of, or banned something that is part of a culture, you on the other hand believe differently and that is okay.

While you believe voodoo is the reason for the poverty and the reason why Haiti will never move forward you are engaging in the "self-fulfilling prophecy" theory.

You are going to keep sitting on your tush doing nothing to move Haiti forward because your belief is that voodoo is to blame.

Bizzare, do you remember a few weeks ago about this mother with the son who had a big freaken tumor in his brain and would die unless he gets treatment?

Well, you remember that the mother was running around the country with the boy keeping him from getting any sort of treatment claiming that God was going to cure him and did not need any man made medication that will kill her son?

That is a typical rational attitude of religious fanatics.

They would find all reason and fabricating every reason in the book to keep them from taking their responsibilities for anything.

Bizzare just a little bit of information, like I said previously, I travel to Haiti pretty often and I just came back from Haiti 4 months ago. There is one thing that keep captivating my imagination every time I go to Haiti is that I noticed there are more churches in Haiti than there are residential homes, and there is a religious gathering/prayer/service going on almost 24/7. And yet, there is still no change in Haiti.

Though I have a theory why God may not listen to Haitians praying to him asking him to bring change in Haiti and fix all the problems of Haiti.

Since the turn of the 21st century, religion has become nothing but a big business, a big forprofit entreprise, which is on top of fortune 500 list. Maybe that is why God refuse to fix Haiti and solve all the problems the country is facing.

I think God is maybe saying these ministers, priests, reverands, and the preachers make enough money to invest in Haiti and move the country forward once and for all, and therefore, he is not going to lift a finger.

Could that be possible?

Tiba, August 16 2009, 5:28 PM

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Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 5:52 pm
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