How many people throughout history who have killed and died in...

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How many people throughout history who have killed and died in the name of religion.

Humanity for centuries invoked Gods name in order to commit the most egregious of criminal acts. All this only to cover up their true intentions of amassing power and wealth.

I believe the American people got it just right.

We need to keep religion out of government period.

There are many so-called religious Americans, and they would like to shove their beliefs on others, but luckily there are statutes against that in the US. The answer to all your debates on religion is to keep it out of the Haitian government.

If religious leaders want to call for everyone to pray for Haiti, so be it, but let no one be coerced to do it. Haiti does need prayer, but like someone else has said on this blog Haitians must also do the leg work. Haiti will never change unless political leaders and business leaders can come together to work on behalf of the people selflessly.

As I have stated before Haiti needs the right leadership.

As someone else has also stated a leader should not only be judged solely on personal accomplishments, but we need someone who has a proven tract record of getting results.

We need someone who can cross party lines in order to get the job done. These leaders in Haiti, like many Haitians in the country are so egotistical.

They forget that they are in office for the purpose doing the people's bidding, but they let their egos and personal vendettas get in the way as a result nothing happens.

They behave like children; if they do not you like you therefore they won't work with you. Haitian politicians need to change their value systems.

They believe that they have the God given right to be in power, therefore everyone else are illegitimate step-children.

In the Haitian government the motto is we the government, for the government, by the government.

When the government starts working for the people then the wheels of progress will start to turn.

Mark, August 16 2009, 4:48 PM

Topic: My Prayers Over Haiti Tonight!!!

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Tiba, 16-Aug-09 9:12 am
Tiba, Righteousness simply means to be in right standing with God. It means you are honoring Him and following His... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 10:06 am
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Tiba, 16-Aug-09 11:49 am
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Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 1:02 pm
Bizzare, Why do you keep hanging on the "Righteous" term when I thought we had moved on to the next debate? You are... read more >
Tiba, 16-Aug-09 3:34 pm
Tiba, There’s a difference between followers and leaders the same as few and all. 204 years Haitian leaders... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 4:35 pm
How many people throughout history who have killed and died in the name of religion. Humanity for centuries invoked... read more >
Mark, 16-Aug-09 4:48 pm
Mark, You’re right and I agree to disagree on some of it you’re saying. Preval/Aristide practice, promote and... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 5:17 pm
Bizarre, Yes, I did say that I did not want to get in Haitian politics because I don't want to die to voodoo, picks... read more >
Tiba, 16-Aug-09 5:28 pm
Tiba, Preval/Aristide practice, promote and force voodoo in Haiti as presidents and so was our past leaders. And that... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 5:52 pm
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