I agree with you my friend. I am not Haitian, but once had a...

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I agree with you my friend.

I am not Haitian, but once had a Haitian best friend and still have business roots in Haiti today.

Haitians must realize that you cannot serve two GODs (Christian in the daytime and VOODOO at night).

Personally, I believe that GOD has for the most part, removed himself from Haiti for that very reason.

How can you claim Christianity and at the same time for to others to put voodoo on someonelse?

There are so many Haitians that I have met that do just that.

God will return when the people recognize that there is only one GOD and the entire country must bow down to him before he returns to bless them. I live in Florida and there are Haitian here that go to church on Saturday and Sunday and claim to be Christians and at night they are attending voodoo ceremonies to hurt people or to make someone stay with them. They is only power in the blood of Christ.

If voodoo really had power then why dont Haitians put a spell and cause the country to prosper and to get off the list as the Poorest Country in the Western Hempisphere?

Frank, August 14 2009, 3:55 PM

Topic: This vodoo sh.. has to go for Haitians to be free

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I agree with you my friend. I am not Haitian, but once had a Haitian best friend and still have business roots in... read more >
Frank, 14-Aug-09 3:55 pm
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Dj Connection, 14-Aug-09 5:54 pm
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Tiba, 14-Aug-09 9:08 pm
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Pierre Guillaume, 15-Aug-09 3:38 am
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Latousen, 15-Aug-09 5:32 pm
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Linda, 15-Aug-09 7:42 pm
Linda, Yes God does not reside in Haiti because we Haitians/voodoo killed and injured to many of our brothers and... read more >
Bizarre, 15-Aug-09 8:10 pm
Bizarre, 15-Aug-09 8:32 pm
Well, this is what I'll do for you Bizarre; I'll pretend that I didn't notice that you could not debate the other... read more >
Linda, 15-Aug-09 8:41 pm
Linda, Haiti will never move forward if and when people like you, Tiba and others who put voodoo ahead of country’s... read more >
Bizarre, 15-Aug-09 9:00 pm
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