Frank, You need to slow down before you blow another gasket...

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You need to slow down before you blow another gasket.

This is the problem that I have with many foreigneirs, mostly Americans, who have spent some time in Haiti.

There are many foreigners, mostly Americans, who have spent just ONE day in Haiti and once back to the state, they claimed and acted as experts in Haiti's affairs, and yet they can barely speak any Creole.

Frank, with all due respect, you might spend some time in Haiti as a soldier of the US military, but that doesn't mean you really know much about the country and about the Haitian people.

Frank, reading these few messages written by you showed your bluntent ignorance of Haiti and your ignorance about your own country, United States of America.

First, if you were well informed and an honest human being you would acknowledge and admit it that the United States of America is responsible for 75% of Haiti misfortune due to it's racist policy in Haiti.

Majority of Haitians and other immigrants coming to the US because they are victims of the US foreign policy in their own country.

Second, if you were that informed you would know that this freedom that the Americans are enjoying today is from Haitians.

Haitians have done more for this country than all the white immigrants living in this country put together.

I don't have the time to inform you about all the contributions Haitians have made to this country.

To start, why don't you find out why Americans living in the state of Louisiana happen to speak Creole?

Third, if you were that informed and honest enough, you would acknowledge and admit that US is the voodoo empire of the world.

I'm sure you know about psychic reputation in this country.

I am sure you know about voodoo in Louisiana.

Miami is known as the voodoo capital of the world, and it's been reported that majory of stars from Hollywood spend a lot of time in Miami looking for voodoo to advance their career in Hollywood.

They don't go to Haiti, you know!

Frank, if you were that informed, you would realize that voodoo is not a Haitian phenomenon but rather it is a worldwide religion practicing by 60 to 80 million people.

Frank tell me why it is all well and fine for Americans to use voodoo and even make it a tourist attraction, but it is pure demonic and very wrong for Haitians to do it?

Isn't this the perfect picture of the American hyppocricy?

Frank, I'm sure you come on here introducing yourself as an "american" with the intention to intimidate some of us to take what you say as the golden true because an American said so, right?

In case you want to tell me to go back to Haiti, let me make it clear to you, that I, and every single Haitian living in this country earned the right to be here because we, Haitians, are the reasons that country ever existed.

Haitians shade blood for this country to free it from the British occupation.

I know this is a truth that Americans have a hard time to accept, but history is history and it can't be undone.

And I think the time has come for Americans to show their gratitude toward Haitians.

It is not the Haitian fault that they are blacks and the Americans need to come to grip with that.

Tiba, August 14 2009, 9:08 PM

Topic: This vodoo sh.. has to go for Haitians to be free

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