I'm not a fanatic of Preval

Joseoph Nicolas - March 2 2007, 9:35 AM

I like you to know that I'm not a fanatic of Preval.

I'm a real Haitian.

An Haiti who wants changes.

I would be more than stupid to believe that Preval has done something good for the country.

If he will do something, he has not done it yet.Also we all must understand that we all need to come together inorder to change the negative images that the international medias have of Haiti.

To do that we must be really to speak about what is right and what is wrong.

You believe that Preval has not done nothing wrong.

Oh yes good Job my brother.

Only thing I know is that God is the only Perfect I know of.

I disagree with you, but I still love you because we will all wake in the morning as two Haitians

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no school,check again i don't know how long u been to...


good job Rene Preval

i'm 29 years old you are only one i know who do something for Haiti i love you mrs president, pa tande mouin kap di...

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just like u said we need to come together to make the...

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