Hope for Haiti.

Anthony Augustin - February 28 2007, 7:28 PM

Dear Mr. President,

It is with great respect that I salut you and welcome your presidency.

It is already 203 years, since the founder of this great nation" Haiti" have fought four our independance as a nation.

Over the years Mr. President, Haitians around the globes particularly those in the United States have the tendency of repudiating their culture to include their identity as haitians because of what is going on in the news localy and internationally.

Mr. President, I am a naturalized American but, my blood and souls are Haitian.

I love Haiti with all my heart and my hope, is to see Haiti regain its name " The Jewel of the Antilles.

I know this not one man job and it cannot be done over night.

I do see in you a sincere man and I am already convinced that you will call on every Haitians for a United and Prosperous Haiti.


Anthony Augustin (USA)

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