good job Rene Preval

Daniel Thermidor - March 1 2007, 10:52 AM

i'm 29 years old you are only one i know who do something for Haiti i love you mrs president, pa tande mouin kap di pou aristide tounen neg sa fe trop mouin mouri an haiti depuis 1988 a 2002 se ase.

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Joe says...

Good job for what. this man does nothing for the country. Haiti still in black out, not hospiltal, no school, no... more »

Daniel Thermidor says...

no school,check again i don't know how long u been to haiti all i can said he did a good and he still doing a good... more »

Joseoph Nicolas says...

I like you to know that I'm not a fanatic of Preval. I'm a real Haitian. An Haiti who wants changes. I would be more... more »

Daniel Thermidor says...

just like u said we need to come together to make the change but like i said b4 he's only one who did and still do... more »