Gera Bougui, Incompetence and mediocrity do not discriminate...

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Gera Bougui,

Incompetence and mediocrity do not discriminate and they certainly have no boundries.

Bougui, Lary King for example doesn't even have a college degree and did not attend a broadcasting school either, but he did accept to be coached and did get some on the job training assistance.

He's been doing it for so long now and become so good at it, a lot of people who don't know much about his personal life think of him as someone with a Ph.D in media.

The problem with Haitians is that they all believe that they don't need to attend school nor get trained to do anything.

According to the Haitian mentality, they believe they can do everything and anything awhole lot better than those who went to school and got well trained in whatever it is.

Case in point, my criticism of your incompetence and mediocrity will not motivate you in any shape and form to say, "you know Tiba is right", I am going to take some classes or some training in radio broadcasting so I can be the best that I can be because you think you are a master of radio broadcasting therefore you don't need that.

Bougui, I know very well that you are not a US born-citizen, I know you are Haitian "natif natal" however, that doesn't mean you and the other ones, who are on the radio and television business, have to be incompetent and mediocre.

There are certain things a person cannot be good at without going to school and get well trained for.

I lived in Florida for a longtime and I used to listen to these so-called radio broadcasting personalities and I am telling it was a nightmare until I stopped listening to them because of their incompetence and mediocrity.

For example, the program starts with the host saying good morning or good afternoon to the audience for at least 15-20 minutes and he/she has only a 1 hour program.

One advertisment would last 15-20 minutes.

A listener would request a song and the host would talk throughout the entire song. It is rare a song will play to its entirety without interruptions by the host.

The one thing that really kills me is the screaming, the shouting.

Had these people attended the school of broadcasting they would know that it is not necessary to scream or shout on the microphone for listeners to hear you. The microphone is made to emplify your voice and project it loud enough so you'd be heard.

Bougui I could go on and on, on this issue.

You have the right to feel insulted by my criticism, but at the end of the day when the sun sets and you sit back to reflect, you'll realize that I was right if you can go beyond all the criticism.

Good luck to you!

Tiba, July 12 2009, 7:03 PM

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