RE: Clinton Envoyé Spécial De L'ONU En Haïti

Tiba Says...

Linda, my beloved Linda, please hold your horses for a moment?

I agree with everything you said about Bill Clinton getting advice from qualified Haitians.


Because nobody knows yet exactly what his mission to Haiti is.

According to the mission, he may or may not need any advice from anyone.

Personally, I have a feeling that Bill Clinton will use his foundation to get more "CHARITY" to Haiti, which not what the country really needs.

Haiti has recieved enough charity already.

Haiti will never be able to feed and provide opportunities to all of its citizens through charity.

I think Haitians need to make it clear to Bill Clinton if that is his mission, goal, and objective, he needs not to take the position and he needs not to go to Haiti.

First and foremost, I think Bill Clinton needs to lay down his mission in a well detailed fashion to the Haitian people before doing anything else.

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