American Born Haitian

Jamy Magier - March 28 2009, 5:58 PM

Mr President;

Hello - Nice to meet you. My name is Jamy Magier and I am an American Born Haitian.

Meaning that I was born here but all that I know is HAITI.

From my food down to my feet. I have always wanted to come live there permanently.

However, it is the security in the country that has me on the edge of my seat. I am not ashamed to say that I am scared.


Well in 1991 I came to visit Haiti with my ENTIRE FAMILY - You'd think that I would be "SAFE" well I was but my property was not, I was Robbed as soon as I ENTERED THE COUNTRY - SHOCKING -
You can imagine my disbelief, I WAS ONLY 11 YEARS OLD. Well still I enjoyed myself.

The country is BEAUTIFUL and its been on my mind ever since.

I wish at times that I was native to HAITI so that I may become "MRS. PRESIDENT" DON'T LAUGH - We just got our (USA) 1st BLACK PRESIDENT.

Cool I think.

In any case, from what I have learned about the country and all who have been able to be its representatives (PRESIDENTS), I hear that you are the best (SO SAYS MY MOTHER, Jocelyne Longchamp) I pray that while you are in office that you will be able to make NEW COMERS to HAITI feel safe, secure and welcome.

Keep up the good work. Hope to visit a new HAITI very soon.

Thankfully Yours

Jamy Magier

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