Un sale negre au teint clair est un grimo ou grima

Yves Salamanque - February 25 2009, 4:14 PM

: The Grimmo-Mulatto is Most powerful man on EARTH
My My My!
Like I said before in this blog when my friend and colleague was in Haiti teaching french to the Haitians he noticed this uneasiness short of not calling it plain animosity between the true niggers and the light skin niggers who called themselves mulatto.

His observation has been based on what he saw and studied in the Haitian Island.

I remember he told us to worry more about the light skin niggers from Haiti because they are flatteurs, rampant, menteur, homosexual non declares et peuvent etre les mercenaires les plus puants car ils n'ont pas d'identite, pas de patriotisme, pas de conscience nationale et franchement des subhumains.

Ils sont faux dans leurs paroles, ils representent le plus grand danger pour les negres Haitiens et pour la France.

By reading what this light skin nigger which to my eyes is rien qu'un nigger ~=I understand what he was saying.

We have them here in Poitiers and we had them in Amiens where I grew up.
Despite some spats with the Linda Tiba and Co. I am a socialist, always to the left.

Here we have helped countless of Haitians, Africans, Arabs and autres.

What I have said is to have the Haitians raise their level of analphabetism and learn their language creole and then learn French in Creole~=but very often it was not well taken by the Tiba and the Linda

Only in your own language can you succeed and maybe with a haitian national language there won't be mulatto s or light skin niggers trying to put you down by spaeaking this hybrid and broken jargon of theirs.

Mon pere francais(Didier Salamanque) s'est battu contre De Gaulle pour la liberation de l'Algerie where my mother is from.

C'etait un homme de conscience et vertical qui au parti communiste Francais a realise tres tot que les peuples ne tolereront plus le colonialism et que il fallait eviter d'oeuvrer contre la liberte des peuples
Alors a tous ces negres Haitiens a peau claire rappelez vous que l'un des Heros de votre independance Petion a ete rejete par son pere "Sabres" parce qu'il ne pouvait accepter d'avoir un fils Nigger comme Alexandre Petion

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Posted by Yves Salamanque on 2/23/09 10:33 AM

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