Vaccination is Population Control And White Scientists' Fingerprints On Us

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White scientists and Reformed Jews and Germans create diseases to get control over the human races.

Race superiority is nothing else than genetic created diseases for certain groups of people on earth.

If we don't stay away against those vaccines the more we will reduce our life expectancy.

White scientists and Reformed Scientist Jews believe they own all human beings with DNA Genes' manipulations and vaccinations.

They believe that we are their Guinea Pigs and they can do whatever they want to do with us. Beware and stay away from vaccines.

Trudeau, the author of the truth they don't want us to know is in jail for denouncing those vaccines well designed to reduce the life expectancy of many people around the earth.

Homosexuality is being transfered into genes and many hospitals around the G-8 countries are using those sex gender vaccines on newborns deliberately and no one could stop them. We are being fooled that homosexuality came from X female chromosomes because females are the ones who tolerate gays around them the most. If they had said it came from the Y chromosomes the males would rebel and the dirty practices would stop. Those dog scientists even inject those sex gender vaccines on Penguins and other animals to justify homosexuality as a normal way of life. We should remain vigilant to fight the spread of homosexuality in Haiti and don't let U.S. take over our culture.

We must fight hard and stop them as well. Tell Stanley to take that cholera vaccine for him and the rest of his family.

This will not happen to us again.

We have fought against the AIDS/HIV's label in 1980 and we will fight them again.

We are not sleeping, we forgive them but we don't forget those humiliations of the past. Stanley, shame on you U.S. lackey, your butt will be burnt soon. Betrayer!

Serge P. Leblanc, April 14 2011, 1:10 PM

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Hi Serge, I have denounced them already on this blog and you may have read many on my postings about that. And you... read more >
Toulimen, 14-Apr-11 1:18 pm


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