Larry, You're welcome! Just remember to always adhere to the...

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You're welcome!

Just remember to always adhere to the concept of the helping theory "Doing WITH them instead of Doing FOR them" and you'll be alright.

Also, keep in mind that Haitians are very "passive aggressive" human beings to no fault of their own because of so many empty/broken promises and no follow ups.

You need to know that they will not come to you asking for any help. You have to invite them in and don't be surprised if you find strong opposition, skepticism, etc...etc...

but you will also make friends and allies.

Just don't give up if you and your friends really determine to make a dent of difference in that community in Plateau Central.

One other thing, please I beg you to come with no preconceive notion, nonjudgmental of these people because I can tell you that they may not have college degrees and Ph.Ds but they are very smart and intelligent in their own ways. Pay very close attention to them and you my learn a thing or two that may change your life forever.

Just go with an open mind and no high expectations and you'll find out that you just cannot get enough of these people.

I'll be in Haiti too around that time, and too bad we wouldn't run on to each other because I will be up north, in the area of Cap-Haitian.

Hey Larry, I don't know exactly what Plateau Central grows, but I think there will be the season of sugar canes, mangoes, sweet oranges, coconuts, etc...get yourself ready to go crazy on them, I know that I will be especially on the sugar canes "kan-n anana."

Good luck!

Tiba, February 11 2009, 8:31 AM

Topic: 1st time traveler to Haiti solicits advice!

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Linda, 10-Feb-09 9:38 pm
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Larry Mulligan, 10-Feb-09 11:08 pm
Larry, You're welcome! Just remember to always adhere to the concept of the helping theory "Doing WITH them instead of... read more >
Tiba, 11-Feb-09 8:31 am
Thank you, again, Tiba, for the good advice. I agree about not expecting anything but being open to all that comes... read more >
Larry Mulligan, 11-Feb-09 11:41 am
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Linda, 14-Feb-09 8:06 pm
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Linda, 14-Feb-09 9:39 pm
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Larry Mulligan, 14-Feb-09 11:29 pm
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