Louinel Jean

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What kind of politics did our leaders study?What make the leaders believe that exclusion will somehow help them to have free election and that the international community should remain silent, but give them money to support "makakri".

as soon as they see the need to create a crisis they call Haiti soveregn but when they need money for anything they take trip to washington.

Haiti is a post conflict country one would think that our leaders would do everything necessary to maintain peace and help the people to survive the economic crisis instead they are engaging in political war that will soon take to the streeet.

I can tell you if you get in trouble now you will have to finance your foolishness yourself.

No country in the world will finance nonsense now they all need money.

did you see what is happening in Zimbabwe you can get there if this is what you want.

I wish I could speak to them face to face and tell them how I feel about them
trust me my generation has no respect for those

Louinel Jean, February 11 2009, 10:46 AM

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