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Haiti is always begging the International Community for money.

Do you know that Haiti has the capacity to generate its own money?

You can call on your representatives in Haiti to show them how Haiti can generate its own money to help create jobs, fix the infrastructure, get agriculture and tourism back etc,,, What ever ideas you have you can send a letter or call your reps in Haiti.

If you know someone in the government of Haiti it is even better.

Give that person the letter to give to Preval's office.

You never know, they may consider your suggestions.

Haiti needs smart people who can think.

If you do not know ways that Haiti can generate its own money, you can use my idea. My idea is simple but very effective and will work. The diaspora is sending 2 billion dollars per year to their relatives in Haiti via Western Union, CAM, Unitransfer etc...The government of Haiti can take 10% of that amount and redirect it into fixing Haiti.

The amount translates into 200 million dollars per year. If Haiti does that it will get out of the nightmare its been in for the last 30 years.

Then Preval do not need to go beg and cry in front of the International Community.

What a shame! This web site was created on behalf of Preval's government and Preval's administration does not even take time to read it. There has been a lot of great ideas people came up with within the last 3 years right here on this site and none of the ideas where implemented.

This means that they are either not reading the posts on the site or they do not care what we say. This particular idea I presented WOULD SOLVE HAITI'S PROBLEMS.

Please present it to your reps in Haiti.

Greg Peters, February 9 2009, 6:50 PM

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