Let's be careful not to speak in such broad terms. Our...

Linda - January 30 2009, 10:59 AM

Let's be careful not to speak in such broad terms.

Our governments before Baby Doc, Aristide, and Preval, was led by proud people.

Baby Doc, Aristide, and Preval, are the ones with no spine, no dignity, who have the mentality of gutter rats. Before the gutter rats took over, Haiti was the only third world nation who actually paid all its "debt" to the white powers.

We got into debt later because of the racist dealings and pressure from the international community.

However, the image of Haiti as a beggar nation doesn't really happen until we elected the two worst low lives in the country, Preval and Aristide.

It doesn't seem like these two had parents who thought them any morals at all. Their mothers and fathers fail to give them the concept of honor, pride, and dignity.

They were raised like gutter rats. All gutter rats do is run around with their face really close to the floor so that they can pick up everybody else's crumbs.

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