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DEFINITION:Dual citizenship or dual nationality refers to an individual being a citizen of two countries or a legal status by which a Haitian becomes a citizen of two countries.

Dual citizens have two passports and essentially live and travel freely within their native and naturalised countries without immigration contraints.ADVANTAGES: Dual citizenships is becoming more common in todays increasingly international economies.

Countrie such Dominican Republic, have sought advantages of dual citizenship by liberalizing their citizenship laws. They realized that dual citizenships has the advantage of broading a country fostering trade and investmentand, the ability of dual influence economic and political decisions in their host countries in favor countries of birth and descent in our case Haiti.

There is a perception among Haitian, that once a Haitian naturalized citizen of an another country, the individual loses his/her Haitian naturalized, US citizens are not legally obligated to give up their citizens country.

The United States has never ordered newly naturalized citizens to formally renonunce of their native country's citizenship to their embassy in order to become citizens of the US. Legally, there is nothing in the constitution requiring all naturalized citizens to officially renonuce their citizens of their native country as a condition of naturalization.

The opening line of the Oath of Allegiance to give the United States sovereignty over the newly naturalized citizen, important to remember about the allegiance is not to renounce original citizenship, which the US does not enforce nor require, but to reimforce allegiance and fedelity you swear to the United States of America.The Oath one's made is to be faithful and true to the laws of America.

The Oath is also indicated of one's loyalty and commitment to defend and protect the constitution at all times.Ask yourself the question why all develop countries around the world have dual citizenship?

The ideal, future economic development, free entreprise, strong economic stability, strong middle class and strong democracy, a nation without conditions and limitations.

The future of Haiti.

Samuel Frederique, January 30 2009, 11:55 AM

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