HAITI Dominican Rep; Two Sisters

El Caribeno Says...

Yes two sisters: one is beautifull, the orther is ugly. One is nice to live with, the orther is like a gheto, One is clean, the orther is durty.

One is a city the orther is a huge bidon ville full of garbage.

Santo Domingo: about 50 KM of cost, very clean, full of big hotels, at the side-cost people walk taking breath, living beautifull live even with out lot ofmoney, port-au-prince cost is portail leogane, martissant, carrefour mariani, cros des bossal, city of hell full of always thousand of thousand hundred poeple in street wolaking like a ghost.

look at the:

Watch More Haitian Videos - Watch Haiti Movie Trailers

Watch More Haitian Videos - Watch Haiti Movie Trailers


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El Caribeno, I Read Your Message And Shook My Head At The Stunning False Statements That You Made. It Is A Shame That When People Like You Get Upset By Opinions They Don't Agree With, They Go On The Attack Because They... Linda 02/01/2009
The Problem Is Since I Read Participations That Could Be Interesting And Draw Attention On This Blog Particularly, The Comment Of Linda And Tiba, The Problem Is All The Comments Are The Same, Empty Of Obgectivity,I... El Caribeno 02/01/2009
Lloyd I Support Part Of Your Message. I Was There In The 70s When Haiti Was The Pearl Of The Islands And The Haitian Pride Was Flowing In The Veins Of All Haitian. We Were Respected By The World Including The US... Tiba 01/31/2009
Loyd, I Beg To Differ With You On One Point. Aristide's Failures Are Not The Fault Of Anyone But Himself. He Was A Low Life Individual, Who Was Selfish, Greedy, And Lacked Any Sense Of Dignity, Pride, Integrity, Or... Linda 01/31/2009
Linda,I Respect Your Opinion,I Saw Haiti Of The 70s,I Was Young And Extremely Proud Of What My Ancesters Have Done But We Both Could Agree That Haiti Has One Of The World Best History But We Were The One That Killed... Llyod 01/31/2009
Let's Be Careful Not To Speak In Such Broad Terms. Our Governments Before Baby Doc, Aristide, And Preval, Was Led By Proud People. Baby Doc, Aristide, And Preval, Are The Ones With No Spine, No Dignity, Who Have The... Linda 01/30/2009
"Sot Bay Imbecil Pran".We,All Know That Paris &Washington Don't Care About Haiti.Our Gouvernements Have Been The World#1 Beggar,We Don't Believe In Labor Work.It's About Time That We Ask Ourself:Who Is Really... Llyod 01/30/2009
Yes Two Sisters: One Is Beautifull, The Orther Is Ugly. One Is Nice To Live With, The Orther Is Like A Gheto, One Is Clean, The Orther Is Durty. One Is A City The Orther Is A Huge Bidon Ville Full Of Garbage. Santo... El Caribeno 01/29/2009
Look At Dominican Rep, The Capital Santo Domingo, Where Human Beings Are Living Like Human Being, Copare With Port-Au-Prince Where Pigs Are Living El Caribeno 01/29/2009
Solitarion I Don't Quite Understand The Use Of \"Mobility" That You Keep Referring To. What Do You Mean By That? Here In The US, Everyone Is Free To Travel Around The Country. Perhaps You Want To Refer To... Tiba 01/29/2009