HAITI Dominican Rep; two sisters

El Caribeno - January 29 2009, 5:16 PM

Yes two sisters: one is beautifull, the orther is ugly. One is nice to live with, the orther is like a gheto, One is clean, the orther is durty.

One is a city the orther is a huge bidon ville full of garbage.

Santo Domingo: about 50 KM of cost, very clean, full of big hotels, at the side-cost people walk taking breath, living beautifull live even with out lot ofmoney, port-au-prince cost is portail leogane, martissant, carrefour mariani, cros des bossal, city of hell full of always thousand of thousand hundred poeple in street wolaking like a ghost.

look at the:


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look at Dominican Rep, the capital Santo Domingo...


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