Anacaona; Today I'm off, so I took my time to read your post...

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Anacaona; Today I'm off, so I took my time to read your post. Let me tell you that you remind me so much of my aunt and all those old biddies who always wined and complained about Haiti when things affected them, not when it affected only poor people.

Let me see now, I think a proper name for you would be "pleurnichard." I'll tell you a story of people like you, and maybe you'll recognize yourself:

Once upon a time, this teenage girl went to visit her aunt in what used to be a beautiful place called Pacot.

Her aunt's house was very beautiful with lots of rooms, lot trees in the yard, and a beautiful pool that the young girl just loved to swim in. One day, as she was leaving the house with her aunt and her cousin, the very sad looking guy who worked for them, and always had a fake smile on his face, open the very big front gate to let their very expensive care out. It turns out that this was also the time that they had just let the water out of the pool to change it. To the young girl's surprise, on the other side of the walls to the aunts property, there was a canal (rigol) were the pool water flowed, and many little children were there collecting the dirty pool water to use for their own needs.

It turns out that although the aunt had enough water to waist in a swimming pool, many of the children had no water even to drink.

When the young girl asked her aunt about what the children were doing, the aunt told her not to pay any attention to them or they would all come and beg for stuff.

This event is engraved in my mind and till today, I have not forgotten it. Dear Anacaona, you remind me of that aunt. You don't really care about the Haitian people, you just want them gone (or hidden) so that you can feel good again.

Linda, November 13 2008, 1:48 PM

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Anacaona; Today I'm off, so I took my time to read your post. Let me tell you that you remind me so much of my aunt... read more >
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